Webinar date 3.17.20 for Goodman and Amana dealers and distributors

CI Web Group is proud to announce the official launch of our HVAC RAD sites! Last chance to use your accrual dollars to build one of these beauties!

Come preview the RAD Sites and our Marketing Planning Tool

This is the year for progress. This is the year where being an option for the service you want to sell online is a requirement for those who need your help and are going to simply “google for answers”.

Join us for this webinar and we will give you a preview of: 4 different RAD Site options Website functionality Promotion marketing to drive results during peak and shoulder seasons The strategic marketing planning system Let’s review the top 5 tactics to deliver consistent progress and drive results for any size company over time. This is the year where you take action. We have put together a plan that allows any size company with the will to win, a level playing field to compete. The market will flatten and the tables will turn. Now’s your time!