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Digital Marketing SOS: 5 Ways to Fix a Weak Digital Marketing Strategy

2.11.20 Digital Marketing SOS_ 5 Ways to Fix a Weak Digital Marketing Strategy

Webinar date 2.11.20 for Goodman and Amana dealers and distributors

HVAC Dealers are spending about 75% of their total marketing budget on digital efforts rather than traditional marketing methods. We are already well on our way to becoming a truly digital world as more consumers find ways to stay connected digitally to the brands they prefer and dealers are meeting consumers where they are

If your digital marketing strategy is now more of a liability than an asset, take a moment to learn how to fix it during this webinar.

In a perfect world, the strategy you have in place to stay connected to your target audience in today’s digital world would produce the desired results indefinitely. You would then be able to enjoy an abundance of website visits, conversions, brand awareness, and the many other rewards associated with a solid, well-performing digital marketing strategy without a care in the world.

In reality, however, digital marketing endeavors, even ones that initially exceeded your expectations, can lose steam over time for many different reasons. These could include a simple failure to make any updates or adjustments as technology and consumer preferences change. Ultimately, a floundering digital marketing strategy can derail your online visibility and kick you right in your bottom line!

But there is light at the end of this particular tunnel. During this webinar, you’ll find five specific ways you can fix an ailing digital marketing strategy that needs some attention ASAP.